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Anthology FAQs

Layout and Formatting

We do the layout and formatting of your chapter and the book as a whole – you do not have to format your chapter

  • Please send chapter as a word document or Google document – Times New Roman font, size 12

  • Please do not format your chapter in any way – no indenting, no headings, no page numbers, no colored font

  • No photos inside chapter please

  • Please do not add double spacing between sentences


  • Approx. 3500 words (you may write more if you feel inspired)

  • Please include a title for your chapter inside the document!

  • 50 word bio – one website link in bio

You are free to choose what you want to write in your chapter, however, here are some ideas readers love (feel free to include all or some of these ideas, and in whichever order you see fit):

  • Your journey story – how did you become who you are today, how did you start your business?

  • A personal story that relates to the title

  • Why do you do what you do? (helping other women, a calling, etc.)

  • What adversities have you overcome or are overcoming?

  • What does your industry entail, how can it help people? (ex. A marriage coach helps couples through rough patches and can help your marriage to the other side)

  • Examples of ways you have helped your clients’ overcome adversities

  • Tips and advice – what takeaways can you give that relate to the title of the book and your chapter (can be point form or not)


  • We copyedit your chapter for grammar, spelling, and coherency while keeping your voice

  • You will receive a draft to review before we go to print

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