One of the most effective ways of Marketing your Business today

is through EDUCATION

- sharing your expertise in a magazine or book is a brilliant way to convert potential clients as its authentic & engaging

- Our Collective allows professionals in the mind, body, spirit realm to gain consistent exposure over the year, connect with other like minded professionals 

A Beautiful Life Writers Collective

Do you love to write? Share your knowledge?

Believe that educating potential clients is a fabulous Marketing Strategy?

Most of all...

Is your Business a  force for good?

Our Collaborative monthly Magazine, Special Editions and Books have us working together so we can create a wonderful platform to reach 100's of 1000's of people to help them on

their journey to a beautiful life!

HOPE, HEALING, & GUIDANCE is what we want people to find in all our publications

  • Build your Brand Awareness & Trust 

  • High impact platform that our Writers gain positive, authentic exposure, establishing themselves as the Authority in their field.

  • Write in our monthly magazine, special editions and our eBooks, greatly growing your influence and profile.

  • Write in one or all publications over the course of the year!

  • Connecting with your fellow Columnists & Authors will inspire, invigorate and motivate you during these changing times.

  • *Bonus - Any eBook your submit a chapter in - you can sell and create a new revenue stream

Promoting Yourself, Sharing your Journey, has never been so creative, fulfilling & effective!


Monthly Magazine

Special Editions

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60,000 + Rea​ders & Growing


 Books & e Books

We are coming up fast to our 2nd year anniversary of our magazine! In celebration we are now produced monthly - Packed with articles and stories about mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

We also produce Special Editions to razor focus the Issue to a specific target market of readers.

Sample Column in our Magazine

Throughout 2020 we will  be producing multiple Collaborative eBooks which you will be able to submit Chapters in!

AND you will be able to give away or SELL the final eBooks on your own website!

Promotion of Our Writers/ Members & Magazine

Podcast streaming on major global platforms

4000 + listeners & Growing

ABL Writers Collective 

Online Profile Page

Organic & Paid Ads Promoting the Collective

 on major Social Media Platforms

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Join Our ABL Writers Collective 

1 year to Share Your Story & Promote your Business

Special $250 + Tax

Special ends June 15th

(reg. $500)

Establish Yourself as a Premier Thought Leader in the Holistic Healing & Wellness, Mental Health and Spirituality Industry!

Once payment is made you will be contacted by head office 


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