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ABL Network of Mental, Physical & Spiritual Wellness Coaches & Practitioners Mission Statement

We want to build the largest global community of mental, physical and spiritual wellness professionals. To create a support system for the practitioner via a like minded community and effective promotion via our 'to Consumer' magazine, books and speaking opportunities to a targeted audience that is looking for mental, physical & spiritual healing!

ABL Chapter Leaders  

Chapter Leaders host Online networking events, help bring on new members, co ordinate speakers

Group Calls

2022 will see a surge of new Entrepreneurs and the re - launching of Businesses that were paused during the pandemic - as such Business owners will need support, guidance and leadership that is unique to the mind, body, spirit industry.

Our Leaders host online networking events & bring on new members so our community continues to grow so everyone wins 

This is about becoming part of something bigger, that can not only raise the vibration of our membership but as our vibration rises -  so will the rest of the world!

All ABL Chapter Leaders  enjoy full Member Benefits on top of the below income opportunities

 Business Opportunity

Chapter Leaders

Chapter Leaders host Online networking events, help bring on new members,

& co ordinate speakers for their events

They are able to generate an additional income stream while enjoying all the other benefits of being an ABL Member

Should you become a Chapter Leader?

  • Do you love helping others? 

  • Do you love to share what you have learned about creating a successful business?

  • Do you want to create an additional stream of income for yourself?

  • Do you want to increase your sphere of Influence?

  • Do you want a captive audience to promote your books, courses, packages, etc?

If you have answered yes to these questions then the answer is yes!

Compensation - Income potential

  • 50% of each membership you sell - (less paypal fees)

  • 100% of any B2B Speaker that books to speak at your online networking  event - less paypal fees  (B2B Speakers are charged $100)

  • 100% of non member ticket sales for your online networking events - less paypal fees

      ( $10 each) ​

Example of Potential income each month

6 new membership sales x $125 = $750

1 new Speaker x $100 = $100

10 non member ticket sales x $10 = $100

$950.00 per month

**Additional sales from your own books, courses etc that you can promote at each of your events

= limitless

Bonuses of becoming a  Chapter Leader

  • Build Up The Self-Worth Of Others

  • Call Others To Action

  • Create Memorable Online Events For Others

  • Bring People Together

  • Cast Vision For A Brighter Tomorrow

  • Leave A Legacy 


  • Membership Sales Training with Founder Ronnie Swais over zoom  

  • Leaders group meetings for inspiration & motivations and Leader collaborations


  • Leadership Book - each Leader is invited to submit a Chapter to our Book on Leadership (Print & Digital)

  • Leadership Summit - each Leader is invited to participate in our summit on Leadership 

$500 value

Each Leader Also Receives

  • Their own Webpage for you to promote your Events and direct new members to sign up - this page keeps track of all your sales so you can be paid out your commissions

  • Group promotion of the site itself to help drive interest to your events.

Chapter Leader Opt in fee $275.00 CAD + Applicable tax 

*the fee covers the membership, training, webpage set up plus Tech Support and support promotion of events


$275 cad + hst

Outside Canada

$275.00 cad

Excited you are joining our Leadership Team!

Once payment is made you will be contacted with next steps

More Questions - contact

No refund are issued as we begin construction on your webpage right away.